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The One Big Problem: Shades of Blue

S5:E12 - The show goes full gasbag to figure out what’s wrong with Sporting KC.

Real Salt Lake v Sporting Kansas City Photo by Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

Sitting in 11th place in the Western Conference, Sporting KC have had a rough start to the season. Injuries, key international absences, and new players still getting acclimated to MLS have plagued this team so far.

But this is Sports Talk. We’re here to assign blame and point fingers. We try to decide the one glaring issue holding them back.

Is it Peter Vermes’ roster construction? Is it a lack of talent in the midfield compared to the rest of the league? What about the attacking core?

The show is torn on Ben Sweat, but ready for Logan Ndenbe to return. Felipe Hernandez hasn’t quite taken the next step this team needed. Where is his ceiling? Gadi Kinda will return at some point, but will he solve all the issues?

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