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Daniel Salloi talks MLS referees, contract negotiations, & his angry dog

In the final year of his contract, the 25-year-old is highly motivated to turn things around for Sporting KC

Vancouver Whitecaps v Sporting Kansas City Photo by Fernando Leon/ISI Photos/Getty Images

His dog might look like a super villain, but Daniel Salloi assures us he is in no immediate danger. Which is good, because right now Sporting KC needs all the firepower on the front line it can possibly get.

DS20 loves Kansas City and the fans love him right back. But the homegrown Hungarian’s contract is up at the end of this season. Will he re-sign with SKC? Will a European club pluck him away from us? Cody & Thad test his preparedness for a line of questioning he’s sure to get all season.

We talked about the current state of the team and what he believes are the problems holding them back. We ask him about Khiry Shelton’s social media post calling out MLS referees and the quality of refereeing league wide. Daniel also helps us to understand the nuances in the art of getting fouled.

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