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Where does Sporting KC go from here?

We’ve reached a new low point. How will the club respond?

MLS: Nashville SC at Sporting Kansas City Peter Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

After a historically bad 7-2 loss at the hands of the Portland Timbers, we’ve hit a new low for Sporting KC. It’s quite an unfamiliar place for this organization since the rebrand.

So.. where do we go from here?

We might still be searching for rock bottom. OR.. they could figure things out and still make a run at the playoffs.

The arguments can be had about who should be playing, of course. Tzionis should be getting more time, Khiry less. But that won’t save the team this year. What can the club do to show they still care? Sign a midfielder? Change the formation & style of play to fit our current talent?

For years SKC fans have heard the mantra, “Play the kids.” Well the kids played. Are they not as good as we hoped? Several goals can be chalked up to youthful mistakes, but that youth is going to be forced on the field a lot this season. So the problem isn’t going away.

Peter Vermes is getting the lion’s share of fan frustration. Is it possible he gets fired this year? How many losses would it actually take?

His job of building the roster this year as Technical Director failed. There’s no denying that with the power of hindsight after injuries to the two best players. Is this cause to fire him? Could we see Vermes step away from either TD or Manager?

This show is not close to wanting Vermes Out. But we discuss alternatives. Is there really anyone out there better suited to lead SKC?

Yes, there have been a lot of questions asked. That’s because we’re confused. We’re not used to this. Our football team has us drinking! Join us in your misery and we’ll get through these dark days together.

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