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Kortne Ford was “shaking” with passion for SKC move

He’s dedicated, he’s focused, and his socks look funny. Get to know the 26-year-old on & off the field.

MLS: FC Dallas at Sporting Kansas City Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been quite the journey to the Sporting KC starting XI for Kortne Ford, an Olathe, KS native. He’s faced a lot which has made him stronger, and perhaps wise beyond his years.

So naturally, we start off talking about his socks. There’s a really good reason he cuts holes in them, by the way. Apologies to those with Trypophobia (Cody was wrong).

Kortne lost his mother after a long battle with cancer, and she has been a massive inspiration to him. As well as so many others. Thad can empathize to a certain extent. Although Thad didn’t go through it publicly in front of the media. It was a different experience for him, but Ford explains how it gave him the opportunity share her incredible story.

You’ve likely already noticed the 26-year-old defender is fearless when it comes to blocking shots. He takes pride in this part of his game as it was embedded in him back at the University of Denver. That dedication and drive make Ford an obvious choice for Peter Vermes.

Kortne vividly remembers his initial, very short, conversation over the phone with PV:

“I was very honest. I definitely didn’t hold my tongue. I was so passionate about it that I was shaking.”

A couple weeks ago Johnny Russell let it slip that Kortne, another guy who likes fast cars, had been rear-ended recently. He gives us an update on the Nissan 370z and it’s recovery. In addition to cars, Ford tells us what he does for fun. He also advises us to avoid Russell when it comes to Call of Duty.

But it’s not all fun and games. Kortne is very businesslike. He’s got exciting side hustles and major plans for when his playing days are done.

And we’re pretty sure nothing is going to stop him.

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