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A new friendly rivalry

Third tier side Union Omaha comes to town for the US Open Cup Quarterfinals.

Houston Dynamo FC v Sporting Kansas City Photo by Fernando Leon/ISI Photos/Getty Images

We’re changing gears to the one thing going well for Sporting KC so far this year. This team has tons of history with the US Open Cup, and in spite of terrible MLS play this season, somehow SKC is just three wins from another trophy.

The Union Omaha Soccer Club, playing in USL League One - the third tier of American soccer - have beaten two MLS clubs to reach this point. But the club has done very well with fan engagement and carving out a place in their community. The Who Gives A Hoot podcast is dedicated to the club and USL news so we invited them to come on the show with us. Luke Opperman joined to give us some insight into this little team from Nebraska and how they’ve made it this far.

Omaha fans are very likely also Sporting KC supporters as well, and Luke tells us that makes this matchup even more fun. But that also means the fans have been watching SKC and know just how bad things are looking for Peter Vermes’ side. The fans & the players are sure to come into this one with tons of confidence.

The last word from the team is that they’re expecting over 700 away fans to make the trip to Kansas City. Might we have the beginnings of another ‘friendliest rivalry in sports’? The trading of memorabilia has already begun!

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