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Come Join The Blue Testament at Strange Days Brew Co Today

Sporting Kansas City take on the Seattle Sounders and we’ll be watching it live and doing a podcast right after.

Left to right: Robert, Cody, David
Thad Bell

Let’s start this with a quick tossing under the bus. Sorry this post is so late, Cody was in charge of this I thought he was writing it. But since Cody doesn’t read The Blue Testament (Shades of Blue listeners know what’s up — and since he doesn’t read, he won’t see this), he thought maybe you didn’t either. — Chad

Come join us TODAY to watch Sporting Kansas City and the Seattle Sounders. We are doing a live watch party, in person. Here are the details:

Where: Strange Days Brewing Company

Address: 316 Oak St, Kansas City, MO 64106

Time: 2:00 PM CST (Kickoff: 2:08)

Many of The Blue Testament staffers will be present to watch the game live, have awkward interactions in person and just generally cheer on Sporting KC. There will be $1 off drinks for wearing Sporting Kansas City gear, music, vendors, VR bar next door and a live post-game podcast.

Come Prepared!

You don’t want to show up and not know what’s going on. Check out some of our content from the week to prepare for this pivotal #SEAvSKC matchup.