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Vermes on New Players Arriving, a Third New Signing and an Injury Update

Updates on the arrival of Erik Thommy and William Agada plus if we can expect to see another signing for Sporting KC.

MLS: FC Dallas at Sporting Kansas City Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, The Blue Testament’s Thad Bell got out to training with Sporting Kansas City and got the chance to talk to Peter Vermes about a few topics of interest with the team struggling and needing an injection of new (and healthy) talent.

New Player Arrivals

At the top of the list to talk about was when the new signings — Erik Thommy and William Agada — will arrive. Spoiler: not quite yet.

Thad: “Have you heard any word on when the new guys will be able to join?”

Vermes: “Not yet. Their documentation, their P1 Visas and all that stuff, is being worked on. It’s starting to get some movement which is good. It’s all going to depend on when they get their passports back.”

Hopefully the delays won’t be as long as they were for offseason/early season signings Marinos Tzionis and Nikola Vujnovic. They had significant delays and it undoubtedly impacted their ability to contribute.

Speaking of, Thad also asked about the difficulties of integrating new players in who arrive in the middle of the season.

“All of it’s going to have to do with where their fitness is,” began Vermes. “It’s evaluating where their fitness is. We’re trying to get them to do as much as they can where they are right now. It’s always hard when you aren’t with a team.

Maybe Agada more than Erik... Erik isn’t used to playing in this kind of weather on a regular basis. Agada in Israel, it can get pretty hot there in their season, so it’s a little bit different. Those guys have a lot of work to do. They have to come in here somewhat fit to be able to participate right away.”

For more on Thommy and Agada, be sure to check out our closer looks at each player:

Is a Third & Fourth Signing Coming?

On the FS1 broadcast of the game between Sporting KC and Nashville SC, regular SKC play-by-play announcer turned FS1 PBP guy, Nate Bukaty, mentioned a third signing. He clarified he was just repeating reports online, but apparently there is something to it. But it’s complicated.

“We’re working towards it,” said Vermes. “We’re working. I think I said this before, a lot of it’s going to have to do with a little bit of opportunity. Financially it’s going to have to work. We don’t have a ton of money on the cap but we’re working at trying to make it happen.”

This adds to comments he made last Friday when talking to the media.

“We’re still in the market for at least another player,” said Vermes. “I don’t know if we’ll be able to get it done. Some of that — a lot of that will have to do with the financial. We’re still in the market for another player at another position. Some of it may have to be dependent upon the situation. You may want one position but you may have to settle for something else because of the opportunity. Understand we were very calculated in the way went after both Agada and Thommy, those were two positions we felt we needed at the moment.” (emphasis mine)

So I wouldn’t hold your breathe, but if things fall into place, hopefully something will happen. I’m personally pulling for a defensive midfielder spot (#6). If there really is a fourth player, then another attacking option would make sense, but first they must get a d-mid.

Injury Updates

There wasn’t much to be said on this, but Thad asked about the injury status of Kortne Ford and Nikola Vujnovic. Vermes responded, “They’re still struggling. I don’t have a timeframe on those guys.” So I think it’s safe to say they’ll be out again on Sunday, but it’s still early in the week when PV was asked.