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Discussion: Which Premier League Team Should I Root For?

I don’t watch European football, but maybe this is the year I should start.

Morocco v United States Photo by Matthew Ashton - AMA/Getty Images

Yes, this is a Kansas City based soccer site that focuses on the teams in KC, but I need a little help. I don’t know a ton about European soccer football. My knowledge is limited to the biggest news stories and playing through the promotion and relegation process in FIFA video games (I often put Sporting Kansas City into League One or League Two and promote them all the way up).

I’ve never had a team I cared about in Europe or the English Premier League. I’ll admit I sort of hate the lack of parity where the biggest spenders consistently win everything. So you may be asking what changed? For me, it’s all these United States Men’s National Team players flooding into Europe. I always pay attention to the Yanks abroad and it’s hard not to want to turn on a game here or there to see what the USMNT players are up to.

The team that has caught my eye so far is Leeds United. I love pulling for an underdog (I think I’m a glutton for punishment) and there is nothing more underdog than avoiding relegation on the final day of the season. Plus, they are coached by an American (Jesse Marsch) and loaded up with USMNT players (Brendan Aaronson, Tyler Adams) plus MLS vets (Jack Harrison) and they’ve been linked to NYCFC’s Taty Castellanos. They feel like they would be fun to watch.

However, I’m open to suggestions. So head to the comments and make the case for why I should pull for a specific team. Honestly, while I’ve focused on the Premier League, I’m open to another league too. I just need something that’s easily available to watch through a streaming service or YouTube TV. I have a feeling I may need something to distract me from Sporting KC likely missing the playoffs.