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Media Game Mayhem

Dani Welniak joins to give us a sneak peak at the KC Current’s beautiful new training complex. And to talk smack.

SOCCER: SEP 02 MLS FC Dallas at Sporting Kansas City
I know this picture has nothing to do with the KC Current Media Game, but I needed an image of the stadium and the sky in this one feels kind of mayhem-ish.
Photo by Nick Tre. Smith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Blue Testament crew is among the first civilians let inside the new training complex for the Kansas City Current in Riverside, MO. We’re coming at you from an absolute magnificent conference room overlooking the training ground, joined by Executive Director of Communications, and our long-time friend, Dani Welniak.

Dani made the jump from player (with a giant Super Bowl ring by the way), to the media side, and now to the front office. The girl can do it all. She shares the differences and challenges of the new gig. As well as all the excitement that comes with being a part of this club.

Dani Welniak talking to us from the KC Current’s amazing new training facility ahead of the Media Game Draft.

There truly is a vibe, a palpable atmosphere, on these grounds. And it’s not just the new car smell of the building! These people are ambitious, they’re driven. The KC Current and this staff are working everyday to build something great for not just Kansas City, but the NWSL and women’s soccer as a whole.

It’s a big week for them as the look to set an attendance record on Friday with Angel City FC coming to town.

Daniel Sperry of the KC Star is also on hand as we prepare for the Media Game Draft. The smack talking has already begun before the teams are even selected. Former Sporting KC captain - and friend of the pod - Matt Besler, is set to be the game’s celebrity referee. Will he be able to contain the bad blood?