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KC Current Media Game Preview: Team Electric vs. Team Heartland

Come watch 45 members of the media, including six members of The Blue Testament try their hands at the (potentially not so) beautiful game.

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Generator Studios | KC Current

Halftime of KC Current vs. Angel City FC

When: Friday, August 19th, 2022 at 7:00 PM CST (so like 7:50ish?)

Where: Children’s Mercy Park

How to Watch/Stream: You have to come live for halftime (probably/hopefully)! | CBS Sports Network [TICKETS]

The Blue Testament will have a proper preview of the Kansas City Current versus Angel City FC game later in the week, but there is an important event happening at halftime. Media members from all around Kansas City and surrounding areas will descend upon Children’s Mercy Park to “show their skills” in a 45-player madhouse during halftime of the proper NWSL game.

Of those in attendance, six are writers here at The Blue Testament, including: Thad Bell, Mike Kuhn, Cindy Lara, Robert Rusert, Cody Bradley and myself. Everyone but Cody will be on Team Electric with Cody the lone representative from Team Heartland.

2022 KC Current Media Game Rosters

Team Heartland Team Electric
Team Heartland Team Electric
Brenda VanLengen (Captain) - ESPN Dave Borchardt (Captain) – Kansas City Current Broadcast
Jacob Albracht – KWCH-TV Jason Anderson – Sports Radio 810 WHB
Cody Bradley – The Blue Testament Thad Bell – The Blue Testament
Joshua Brisco – Sports Radio 810 WHB Jillian Carroll – KSN
Nate Bukaty – Sports Radio 810 WHB/Sporting KC Juan Cisnernos – FOX4
Marleah Campbell – KCTV5 Steve Downing – Telemundo Kansas City
Carolina Cruz – KCTV 5 Matt Henderson – KWCH-TV
Tucker Franklin – KC Sports Network Chris Kamler – Platte County Landmark
Alex Gold – 610 Sports Radio Mike Kuhn – The Blue Testament
Bill Hurrelbrink – KCTV5 Cindy Lara – The Blue Testament
Daisha Jones – KSHB 41 News Hayley Lewis – KSHB 41 News
BJ Kissel – KC Sports Network Dezman Moses – KCTV5
Jared Koller – KCTV5 McKenzie Nelson – KSHB 41 News
Aaron Ladd – KSHB 41 News Marcus Officer – FOX4
Adan Manzano – Telemundo Kansas City Jasmine Palmer – KONN-FM 100.1/Sideline Sports Talk Network
Marco Marquez – Sports Radio 810 WHB Tod Palmer – KSHB 41 News
Karli Ritter – FOX4 Robert Rusert – The Blue Testament
Daniel Sperry – Kansas City Star Nick Schwerdt – 610 Sports Radio
Samuel Stueve – 98.1 FM KMBZ Chad Smith – The Blue Testament
Lydia Taylor – Q-104 Darren Smith – Sports Radio 810 WHB
Steve Walls – Sideline Sports Talk Network Kent Swanson – KC Sports Network
Nathan Wilhelm – Sports Radio 810 WHB Cody Tapp – 610 Sports Radio
Nate Taylor – The Athletic

Or if you prefer your rosters in pretty graphic form, the team has you covered.

45 players. That should limit the amount of running required, which was a prerequisite for many of the members involved (myself included). A classic 23 vs 22 matchup. Who needs 11v11?

Despite my team, Team Electric, having more players, I wouldn’t imagine it’ll be much of an advantage. Who knows if all 45 players will even make it to the game. It should be 10 7.5 minutes of pure chaos (update: only 7 12 minutes according to the team. Yay for less running!).

However, this isn’t a typical preview breaking down each players ability. Very limited tape exists except this sketchy commentary version of the SKC media game. Good luck making out who is who out there.

[That’s me doing whisper commentary from the press box, but now I’ll get my chance to embarrass myself further on the field. There were other people in the box with me, so I was trying to talk quietly. Let’s hope my play is quiet and uneventful.]

Most Represented Media Outlets

  • Sports Radio 810 WHB: 7* (counting Dave here too)
  • The Blue Testament: 6
  • KSHB 41 News: 5
  • KCTV5: 4
  • 610 Sports: 3

The Referee

If you don’t come for the soccer, come for the referee. Future Sporting KC Legend Matt Besler will be running the show from the center of the pitch.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Sporting Kansas City
A little role reversal.
Peter G. Aiken

At the end of this match, no matter what happens, we can all say we shared the pitch with Matt Besler.

Smack Talk

Instead of a traditional preview, since it’s TBT heavy, let’s just get right to the smack talk. It started early when Thad, Cody and Daniel Sperry interviewed Dani Welniak on the Shades of Blue Soccer Show.

I reached out to my colleagues to see if they wanted to do any official smack talk, as there was a lot of ‘off the record’ smack talk going on in our Slack. Lots of people vaguely threatening Cody, to the point he tried to butter up Besler on Twitter.

I personally can say no one wants anyone to get hurt, or it’ll be the first and last media game. In fact, when I asked for quotes, this is one of the first I got.

“I have complete faith that Cody’s talent and athletic ability will outshine all other players on both team,” said Thad Bell. Adding, “I know Cody will score multiple goals as well.”

This could be a little by of reverse psychology from Thad, who in a previous media game for SKC, that was the old school running shootout format, saved Cody’s attempt in true “tree” fashion by having Cody shoot it right at him. He got in his head.

“Guys I think I did yoga with Sam Mewis last night,” started Cody Bradley when asked for trash talk. He continued, “Is that possible? What is the injury she has?”

Not so much trash talk as Cody continuing the stereotype that he hosts a Kansas City Soccer podcast, but generally doesn’t pay attention to what’s going on. Yes Cody, it’s a knee injury. There is an article about it on The Blue Testament, but we know you don’t read the site you write for.

“I do think Cody is the most athletic of the TBT writers, so all the pressure is on him and his team to perform,” said Chad Smith. “All expectations for success are on Cody and Team Heartland.”

“So much hype surrounding Cody” started Cindy Lara. “No way he carries Team Heartland. I think Team Electric is greatly underrated. I think Thad scores a hat trick.”

If Thad scores a hat trick while paired with me at center back, that should be impressive. It is the only position I ever remember playing. It’s a safe bet we’ll be back there together in hopefully a back eight to 10. Considering I haven’t played a competitive soccer match since I was 12 or 13 and my only time touching the ball is coaching my now 10-year-old daughter a few years ago, expectations being on Cody’s team winning, feels like a safe bet, no matter what Cindy is saying.

How about the quote Cody actually intended us to use?

“Their mind games won’t affect me,” started Cody Bradley. “I’m focused on playing my game and getting all three points for the Hearts.”

The Hearts? To end the “smack” talk, we got a quote for Chicago-based TBT writer, Ben Gartland.

“I just hope both sides have fun,” ended Ben.

If you are reading this Wednesday, you can still enter to win free tickets. No matter what though, come watch us try not to embarrass ourselves (and of course, a quality NWSL game) on Friday night. The Kansas City Current are looking to make it 11 games without a loss. #ShowUpKC