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Lo’eau LaBonta - Celly Queen

The latest t-shirt from BreakingT features LaBonta’s famous celebration

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Breaking T

Pretty much the whole world saw Lo’eau LaBonta’s goal celebration when she scored on a penalty for the Kansas City Current in the 82nd minute against Angel City FC in front of a record-breaking crowd. LaBonta and the Current are bringing fun celebrations into the NWSL and the whole team is playing with so much joy.

BreakingT signed a deal earlier in the year and their products are “Officially licensed products of the National Women’s Soccer League” and they are also “Officially licensed products of the National Women’s Soccer League Players Association.”

In other words, these are legit and not some cheap attempt to make money off of someone that would not see any profit themselves.

This is the commemorative, or perhaps better to say celebratory shirt honoring LaBonta’s effort to bring fun to NWSL celebrations. There is no way of knowing what LaBonta and her teammates will come up with next, but fans are waiting to see.

To order one, go to BreakingT - Kansas City Current. Fair warning and to be completely up front, full disclosure and all that, we might make a couple dollars from sales at that link.

Breaking T

There are other KC Current related shirts at that same link.

BreakingT - KC Current

Breaking T