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Agada Lot of Joy

Sporting KC’s new players sparked a win and filled the stadium with joy and discussion on the latest Shades of Blue

Willy Agada looks so happy
Thad Bell

With Cody out of town, David Greenwald stepped up to hosting duty. Regular pod members Robert Rusert and Thad Bell were joined by fellow writers from The Blue Testament; Mike Kuhn and Chad Smith to talk about Sporting Kansas City’s win over the Galaxy.

Of course, a lot of the talk was around the two fresh faces. Erik Thommy and Willy Agada brought a new energy to SKC that could be felt in the stadium and the podcast. Thommy’s clinical receiving the ball and turning kicked off the best first 45 minutes Sporting KC has seen in a long time.

Agada followed that up with a never give up goal that VAR rescued. The resulting celebration will live forever. Agada’s second goal was more clearcut but was “only a backflip” celebration.

Then Salloi finished it off for the home team with a late goal. But was it a poacher's goal?

We also talked about the KC Current run of form and a little bit of an outlook on how they might finish.

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