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Salloi is staying and we had to pod!

Salloi signing a new contract leads the discussion and what it means for the roster next year

Daniel Salloi in the attack
Thad Bell

The big news this week for Sporting Kansas City has been Daniel Salloi signing a four-year contract to stay through 2026. With this news, the Shades of Blue podcast team got together to discuss the news. Sadly, Cody Bradley was out of the country and David Greenwald could not make it, but Mike Kuhn and Chad Smith joined Robert Rusert and Thad Bell to keep the discussion moving.

We have thoughts on what this means for Salloi but ultimately the discussion turns to what is in store for the roster next year. Forwards, midfielders and defenders and what the big questions on the roster face SKC manager Peter Vermes in 2023.

Mike, (the official unofficial historian of KC Soccer) brings the interesting stats for what records Salloi could break over the next four years.

Listen and let us know what you think on the signing, the roster talk and any points we might have missed.