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FIFA 23 Sporting KC Ratings Released

Sporting Kansas City sees ratings for all but one of their players.

EA Sports FC Photo Illustrations
It won’t be FIFA after 23 as the license is on the move and the game will rebrand to EA Sports FC.
Photo illustration by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Each year, as a new version of EA Sports FIFA (insert year) is readying for release, a part of the release cycle is announcing the ratings of each player. However, it’s all a little anticlimactic because if you’ve been playing the prior version of the game, you already know the ratings because the rosters are continually updated. However, with Electronic Arts making their announcements last week, it seems like a good time to update everyone on how Sporting Kansas City’s players are doing in the ratings (if you just came for the numbers, skip to the bottom).

There are some movers and shakers on the team, but first a little background into the numbers. FIFA doesn’t just take into account how good the player is, but how good the league they play in is. So for Major League Soccer, players automatically take a dip in many instances. Or the reverse can be true. Gianluca Busio was rated as a 67 (criminally low) when he was on Sporting KC last summer, but his most recent rating on a now Serie B Venezia FC team is a 71, which would make him the fifth highest player on SKC if he were still with them (which arguably, sounds about right anyways).

The biggest net gain was a tie between Daniel Salloi (from 67 to 73) and Cam Duke (from 53 to 59), who both went up six points. Well deserved by both as those ratings clearly aren’t accurate. Salloi was nearly MVP of all of MLS and rated a 67 in 2021?!

The biggest drop was Tim Melia who fell from 73 to 70. He did look worse at the beginning of the year and he’s been hurt, so maybe, but his backup John Pulskamp who has taken over quite nicely is still just a 62.

The second biggest loss was poor Graham Zusi who fell from a 69 to 67. That feels harsh unless it’s all based on time missed due to injuries. When healthy, this year’s Zusi has been pretty dang solid.

On the whole, the numbers don’t make a ton of sense. Erik Thommy was a 72 in Germany and still is. Maybe he hasn’t gotten his appropriate bump for being outstanding. William Agada, who is lighting MLS on fire, isn’t yet in the game. U-22 guys like Marinos Tzionis and Robert Voloder are both very low. Kayden Pierre, who has looked pretty dang good, is still just a 53! What a bummer if you are a young guy who wants to play the game and your player is so terrible they are unusable.

Anyways, it’s all just for fun, let’s get to the numbers.

FIFA 23 Ratings - Sporting KC

Here are the most current rankings, courtesy of SoFifa which gives a great deal of data, including historical data. The numbers update continually so movement will likely keep happening and this is a snapshot in time based on the article publishing date and the FIFA 22 numbers are from a year back from this date (because the end of FIFA 22 numbers are basically just the FIFA 23 numbers).

FIFA 23 Ratings - SKC

NAME FIFA 23 FIFA 22 Change
NAME FIFA 23 FIFA 22 Change
Johnny Russell 75 75 0
Daniel Salloi 73 67 6
Alan Pulido 72 73 -1
Erik Thommy 72 72 0
Andreu Fontas 71 70 1
Remi Walter 71 71 0
Tim Melia 70 73 -3
Roger Espinoza 69 70 -1
Gadi Kinda 69 69 0
Nicolas Isimat-Mirin 69 70 -1
Uri Rosell 68 69 -1
Graham Zusi 67 69 -2
Logan Ndembe 66 66 0
Ben Sweat 65 66 -1
Kortne Ford 65 65 0
Khiry Shelton 64 65 -1
Felipe Hernandez 62 61 1
John Pulskamp 62 60 2
Kendall McIntosh 61 61 0
Cameron Duke 59 53 6
Robert Voloder 58 58 0
Marinos Tzionis 57 N/A N/A
Kaveh Rad 56 55 1
Kayden Pierre 53 53 0
Ozzie Cisneros 49 49 0
Jake Davis 49 N/A N/A
William Agada N/A N/A N/A
*All numbers for FIFA 22 came from prior teams for those guys that weren’t yet on Kansas City (Thommy, Voloder, Sweat, Rosell, etc.) or are missing because their old teams weren’t in the game.

What do you think of the numbers? And how do you play FIFA (if at all)? Let’s get in the comments and talk about it.