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Tough result for the Comets - The Blue Turf

And the next three do not get easier

Danny Waltman stymied the Comets offense
Thad Bell

Erik Bergrud from the Kansas City Comets broadcast team and Thad Bell from The Blue Testament got back together to record again this week. It was tough result for the Comets in their last match. They fell to the Tacoma Stars by a score of 7-5. The Comets outshot the Stars 42 to 20 and 27 to 3 in the last quarter.

Was it a great performance by Waltman? Poor shooting by Kansas City or a bit of both? Erik will always take the side of keepers of course.

The Comets have lost two straight at home and now go on the road to face the San Diego Sockers, then St. Louis and back home against Milwaukee. They need to get points to stay in the upper half of the conference and make the playoffs. That is of course a topic of discussion. How can coach Gibson navigate these games and will he give different players game minutes?

Junior Kazeem is one of the players that is now eligible to play, can he come in and help the offense?

Last pod we broke the news that some of the visa issues were resolved to the Comets and other teams around the MASL. Benj Monreal and Christian Anderaos brought the energy that coach Gibson wanted, but maybe too much?

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