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Good news for the Comets - The Blue Turf

Listen as Erik and Thad break some news plus a couple player interviews

Benji Monreal
Thad Bell

Erik Bergrud from the Kansas City Comets broadcast team and Thad Bell from The Blue Testament went to the KC Soccer Dome (practice facility for the Comets) to record this pod and get some post-practice interviews in as well. Practice is wrapping up but plenty of ambiance from training.

We start off with some breaking news at that moment about the just announced MASL Offensive player of the Month, Kansas City’s own John Sosa. Sosa has been killing it on the field and especially on restarts and power plays.

The discussion turns to Kansas City’s last two matches(Monterrey Flash and St. Louis Ambush), and their upcoming game against the Tacoma Stars. Former Comet and old fan favorite Danny Waltmann will be back in town with the Stars but I am not sure the Comets will show him any love during the game.

We AGAIN talk about the visa issues when we are interrupted by some more breaking news. Unfortunately when we restarted the pod that part of the audio was lost but Thad recorded a short additional piece with the news. Hint... it is good for the Comets. IF you listen closely, you can hear the Comets cheering from their locker room a couple of times before the interruption.

Stick around for a pair of interviews. A happy Junior Kazeem is up first and then Mike Da-Silva joins Thad to talk about the last two seasons and getting back into the groove.

You can find The Blue Testament family of pods covering all the local teams wherever you get your podcasts. Follow Thad @TheBackpost, and Erik Bergrud @erikbergrud. If you like the show, please subscribe, rate, & review!

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An energetic Christian Anderaos
Thad Bell