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Sporting KC unveils new Hoops 4.0 kit for 2023 season

The Senior Director of Brand explains why the long journey of designing a kit isn’t as easy as you think.

Sporting KC

The new Sporting KC jersey is finally here! Say hello to Hoops 4.0.

Alan Pulido Thighs
Sporting KC

Senior Director of Brand at SKC, Chad Reynolds, and Director of Retails Operations, Thomas Earle joined Shades of Blue to give us the first look at the new kit and tell us about the difficult, multi-year journey to today’s launch.

Plus, we get them to leak news at the very end about the SKC retro gear for this season!

We look at all the new kits around the league and argue about the best and worst. Remember the brown Vancouver Whitecaps kit?

Chad and Thomas are at the mercy of Adidas, who has a single manufacturer contract with MLS. We’re tired of the boring templates from the large companies, when can we break free and get crazy like Venezia?

The dream of SKC sneakers lives on. When are we getting new kicks?

Hoops 4.0 is the next generation of what the club hopes has become the brand identity. They want everyone who turns on a game to know who is playing before checking the score. Croatia has their checkerboard, SKC has their hoops.

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