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Comets snatch a point as Wave rivalry builds

Next up is St. Louis.... again - The Blue Turf podcast

Comets games are battles
Thad Bell

Erik Bergrud from the Kansas City Comets broadcast team and Thad Bell from The Blue Testament have another episode of The Blue Turf. The Kansas City Comets snatched a point from Milwaukee after a tremendous comeback but fell short in overtime. Is the rivalry between Milwaukee and Kansas City fans reaching ridiculous levels? Printed signs even in Milwaukee. Are both fan bases a little too sensitive?

The Comets have their offense awake now after scoring eight and ten goals in their last two games. Rian Marques was a beast in the second half at the Wave, putting in four goals to help tie the game. Ray Lee had a hat trick with two early restart goals and another in the late-game comeback. The week before player/coach Leo Gibson was the one with four goals while Lesia Thetsane and John Sosa added a pair each.

Comets return home to face St Louis this weekend needing to get a win and put distance between them and the teams below them. It will be with added difficulty with James Togbah likely still out in concussion protocols and John Sosa sitting with a penalty point accumulation suspension. Another tough choice for coach Gibson. Perhaps the toughest choice is where coach Gibson lines up player Gibson.

Will the Ambush come to play with a desperate-to-get-points attitude?

Also, there will be a media game at halftime so there should be some tremendously bad soccer played.

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