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Zach Reget speaks candidly

To say Reget had an emotional February would be a considerable understatement

A very focused Zach Reget
Thad Bell

Zach Reget has had an eventful and emotional February, to say the least. He was traded from the Florida Tropics to Harrisburg. He played two games for the Heat and five days after the first trade he was on the way to Kansas City.

The morning after the trade to the Comets, Reget stepped off the plane in Kansas City and attended a short practice. A few hours later he faced the Tropics as their adversary, scoring five goals for his new team against his friends.

With a trip to Florida to pick up some of his belongings and his dog, and then another trip to face the Tropics for the second time in a week, this time it ended in Florida’s favor.

Still no rest or time to process much as he was also called into U.S. Futsal National Team camp. A busy week ended with difficulty getting back to Kansas City as winter weather affected flights. Futsal teammate William Eskay and Reget drove to St. Louis and then Zach found his way back to Kansas City so he would not miss the rivalry match with Milwaukee.

Zach again arrived just before a game but wanted to play. Reget credited Kansas City trainer Shawn Dumers with having everything ready to help him get his body ready. It seems like he was successful, Reget scored another two goals with little rest.

In this long interview, Zach opens up about what happened in Florida, why he is speaking out now, how he is coping with the emotional upheaval and looking forward to finally getting back to a routine.

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Reget celebrating Lucas Sousa’s goal
Thad Bell