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For the Glory KC

For the Glory KC is a Kansas City soccer podcast created by Chad and Sheena Smith. They, along with guests, discuss Sporting Kansas City, the KC Current, SKC II and pretty much anything related to Kansas City soccer. It includes analysis of games, previews of upcoming games, breakdowns of transfers, trades and transactions across MLS, NWSL and MLS Next Pro. The podcast also features interviews from star players from the past and the present in KC. Chad digs into the more advanced aspects of the team and the sport while Sheena brings a casual perspective.

Debating What is Wrong with Sporting KC

Chad and Sheena have their most unagreeable podcast yet. Plus, they talk the KC Current’s season opening loss and a little USMNT news.

Sporting KC v Dallas Thoughts, SKC/Seattle and KC Current Previews

Plus, I guess we have to talk about this Kansas City/St. Louis podcast controversy.

Sporting KC vs. FC Dallas Preview Podcast, ReynaGate and KC Current FIFA 23 ratings

Plus, Marinos Tzionis called up to Cyprus, SKC II news and more.

For the Glory KC: Player Breakdowns from Sporting KC versus the LA Galaxy

Plus, leftover thoughts from SKC media day.

Vermes Sporting KC Media Day Exclusives and an LA Galaxy Preview

We’ve learned some roster construction news for all your MLS nerds out there, plus a bunch of less nerdy bits.

Sporting KC’s Marginal Improvement and a New Signing

Who did we like, who did we think needs some improvement and how does Dany Rosero fit into this team?

No Need to Panic After One Week and a Colorado Preview

Plus, injury updates on Russell, Pulido, Radoja and Melia, Peter Vermes’ contract extension and a rumor new signing!

State of the Roster, Sporting KC Kit Reactions and Season Preview

Plus, thoughts on the Castellanos signing, a possible Pulido contract extension and the new stupid MLS playoff format.

Does the Ford Injury Impact Sporting KC’s Ceiling?

Plus, we look at ways Ford can still be replaced on the roster and the whole buy out situation and how Sporting Kansas City have yet to actually buy out Uri Rosell and could use it elsewhere.

Sporting Kansas City and KC Current Arrivals and Departures

New signings, players returning from injury and another player going out with injury. There is a lot to discuss about KC soccer this week!

More Sporting KC Rumors, a “Big” Win and KC Current Roster News

Plus, Sheena apologizes to Kortne Ford (who is definitely listening) and we talk NWSL Expansion.

A Sporting KC Cut, Rumor, Trade and a Game

It’s been a busy week for Sporting Kansas City.

Fitting in the New Sporting KC Signings

Rumors come true and rumors die. Where do Leibold and Flores fit? There’s a big shake-up at the KC Current. Plus, lots of updates from Peter Vermes on SKC.

A Smorgasbord of Sporting KC Rumors

There are so many Sporting Kansas City rumors. Plus, lots of new from preseason and the KC Current have been very busy with signings, trades and more.

The Reyna/Berhalter Controversy and More Ronaldo

The details of the Berhalter/Reyna controversy, including the world soccer parents ever. Plus, we talk about Sporting KC adding their final DP (even though it’s not Ronaldo) and our wish list for 2023.

Emergency Podcast: Cristiano Ronaldo to Sporting KC Madness

For the Glory KC is back with an emergency pod on the rumor that Ronaldo ALMOST signed with Sporting Kansas City.

Will Pulido Ever be Healthy and How to Enjoy Sporting KC Preseason

Plus, the KC Current make some moves and an MLS Expansion update.

SKC Schedule Release and Kansas City Current Controversies & Signings

Plus, good news for the KC Current, SKC II, the MLS Draft and the World Cup.

Does Vermes Have the Right Offseason Priorities for Sporting KC?

He listed out two positions of need, so we decide if we agree or if the team should go in another direction.

Sporting KC’s Roster has Very Little Change, is that a Problem?

Plus a look at all the KC Current roster moves, the United States being bounced from the World Cup and the possibility of the KC Chiefs moving to Kansas.

For the Glory KC: A Casual Perspective on KC Soccer

Chad is back with a new co-host to discuss the USMNT, Sporting KC’s offseason moves (as well as the KC Current and SKC II) and a little of Apple TV’s new MLS pricing.

For the Glory KC: A New KC Soccer Podcast

Sporting Kansas City, the Kansas City Current and even SKC II. All things KC soccer are up for discussion.


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