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In the Box

Robert Rusert gives his takes on the topic of the moment for Sporting Kansas City. This periodic, editorial column, is sure to spark debate.

See Seattle. See Sporting KC. Observations from a 4-1 Sporting Kansas City loss.

It was all pretty clear.

Becoming one: Sporting Kansas City’s defense focused

"It is much, much better than last year."

Sporting KC v LA Galaxy Observations, and Hope

Weapons in the paint.

Observations from Sporting Kansas City’s season opening loss at Portland Timbers

Fair weather runs rampant.

Year Two with Sporting KC’s Robert Voloder

Of friendship and football, and being "young and wild"

Year Two with Sporting KC’s Ben Sweat: On the loose, and on the edge

Sweat is his fittest ever and asking, "Why not?"

Year Two with Sporting KC’s Willy Agada

The power of grace.

Year Two with Sporting KC’s Erik Thommy

From struggles to focus to fun.

Of Resolutions and Evolutions for Sporting Kansas City in 2023

Bulletin Board material for Sporting in 2023.

In 2023... Part III, Trends in Time: Sporting Kansas City 2017-2022

...Sporting KC must be defense first.

Part II, Trends in Time: Sporting Kansas City 2017-2022

2020-2022: A rebound or a hangover?

Trends in Time: Sporting Kansas City 2017-2022, Part I

2017-2019: A trophy and a transition.

Saturday’s Pitch Pit: Sporting Kansas City’s live wire v Minnesota United’s wily veteran

Who will blink?

To the flanks for Sporting Kansas City’s Pitch Pit at Houston Dynamo

73 yards of playground...

Eight observations from Sporting Kansas City at Los Angeles Galaxy

‘Well, crap’; Kudos to LAG, but; I’m sorry,,, however; Feet on the ground.

Sporting Kansas City’s Remi Walter, Guardian Against the LA Galaxy

The Galaxy are taking shape under Manager Greg Vanney.

Willy Agada has shifted Sporting Kansas City’s landscape

Agada brings energy and excitement to a suddenly potent Sporting KC attack. He sits down with The Blue Testament.

Pitch Pit a problem for Sporting KC v Portland Timbers

But Sporting has a solution. Three of them.

Pitch Pit: SKC Must Shut Down Fagundez Tonight

It will take a village to shut down Austin FC.

Revelations from season trends and More Reflections on Sporting KC’s win over LA Galaxy

What do these lows mean, and what do Agada and Thommy really mean?

Breakthrough in a critical Pitch Pit for Sporting Kansas City?

417... 507? Somewhere in between?

Time for Change: A full week of “Meh”… Sporting KC and Rivalry “Weak”

Change is only eight months and 250 miles away.

Football v Futbol in Sporting KC v Minnesota United Pitch Pit

French center back Nicolas Isimat-Mirin and Paraguayan striker Luis Amarilla feature at Allianz Field.

Roger Espinoza Pitch Pit key for Sporting Kansas City at Seattle Sounders

It is veteran v veteran today in the midfield at Lumen Field.

Paramount Pitch Pit for Sporting KC’s Logan Ndenbe

Can Ndenbe out battle Revs’ talented right back Brandon Bye?

How steep the climb? Sporting KC’s playoff breakdown from “In the Box”

And some of the factors that got them here.

Duking it out: Pitch Pit for Sporting KC’s Cam Duke tonight

The crafty youth will be key to SKC gaining three points.

Here and Now: former Sporting KC youth Erik Palmer-Brown primed for World Cup shot

EPB and US in Kansas City June 5 at Children’s Mercy Park

Pitch Pit at PayPal Park for Sporting Kansas City’s Remi Walter

It’s the Frenchman v a Dutchman in a midfield tilt.

“Pressing” matters for Sporting Kansas City from “In the Box”

It really is the question: To press high or not to press high.

Pitch Pit: Turf war at Portland’s Providence Park for Sporting KC

The battle to watch as Sporting tries for first away win of 2022.

Ford v Ferreira: Tonight’s High-octane Pitch Pit

Who will bend? Who will break?


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