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Shades of Blue Soccer Show

What needs to change?

After a beatdown at home, SKC is testing even the diehard fans.

Has Sporting Fit taken on new meaning?

As the club deals with perpetual injury problems, the term now feels sarcastic.

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

A tale as old as time... Sporting KC dominated but couldn’t find a winner.

Tzionis and Kinda interviews from Sporting KC media day

Tzionis is fighting for playing time and Kinda is recovering

Sporting KC highs & lows from Matchday One

The season opener felt all too similar to last year.

2023 Sporting KC Season Predictions

Over/under six goals for Alan Pulido?

Sporting KC unveils new Hoops 4.0 kit for 2023 season

The Senior Director of Brand explains why the long journey of designing a kit isn’t as easy as you think.

Sporting KC needs to act fast for a centerback

How did we end up here? How do we fix it?

Will Pulskamp or Melia win the starting keeper job?

The youngster and the veteran are in a battle between the posts.

How does Roger Espinoza fit into the midfield?

Talking with the SKC veteran about aging, expectations, and red cards.

What will Sporting KC do with the last two spots on the roster?

Sporting KC adds two signings, but there’s room for more.

Sporting KC kicks off preseason

Somewhere, Alan Pulido is hiking up his shorts right now.

The Cristiano Ronaldo story resets expectations for Sporting KC

Timeline, facts, and reactions to Sporting KC’s reported "very close" signing of Cristiano Ronaldo.

What are the odds both Pulido & Kinda return to top form?

Two star players are returning to Sporting KC’s roster, hopefully.

Does Sporting KC need more international players?

MLS had plenty of representation at this World Cup, but none from Sporting KC.

How much will Zusi & Espinoza play next year?

Roger is going to somehow start every single match, isn’t he?

World Cup: USMNT vs Iran Reactions

Is Gregg Berhalter nailing this? Or did the Americans advance in spite of him?

Diego Gutierrez gives an update from Qatar

Our TBT field reporters with boots on the ground give us insight into the USMNT from the World Cup.

World Cup Updates

Defeating England with a 0-0 draw and how to beat Iran.

USMNT vs Wales Reactions

What went wrong in the 2nd half and how to face England on Friday.

Roster moves, Apple TV, and the Qatar World Cup

Wait... Khiry signed for how long?

How to discuss a problematic World Cup in Qatar

There’s so much hope and excitement around the USMNT right now, but so many terrible issues surrounding the World Cup.

USMNT: Should we be worried about injuries ahead of the World Cup?

The most recent injury report for the Yanks is as long as a CVS receipt.

Reactions to Sporting KC signing Nemanja Radoja

First thoughts on the new midfielder

Who gives Sporting KC the best bang for their buck?

Agada is a great deal, but a bright young prospect might be the biggest steal of the 2022 SKC salaries.

How close did Sporting KC come to making the playoffs?

One result in July might have been the nail in the coffin.

What does Sporting KC need most this offseason?

Who stays? Who goes? A line-by-line analysis of Sporting KC’s roster heading into the offseason.

Early Offseason Questions

What to do with Alan Pulido?

Finding new words to describe Sporting KC’s season

Befuddled, flabbergasted, & perplexed.

Salloi is staying and we had to pod!

Salloi signing a new contract leads the discussion and what it means for the roster next year

An Interview with Jacob Peterson and Nate Bukaty on Sporting KC

Sporting KC is fun to watch again. Are we allowed to hope?

Pulskamp responds to “That’s Our Keeper” chant

The Big Bear signed an extension and can now secure his place in goal at Sporting KC for years to come.


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